Choose the best drain system for your wet room

Linear wet room channel drains – the perfect choice for any household

When it comes to choosing the drain system for your wet rooms, there is one single choice to be made: the channel drains, as opposed to the traditional point ones.

The cannel drainage system, better known as the linear drain system, is much more effective when it comes to greater volumes of water. And that is because this type of drain system collects the water from a bigger portion of the floor than the traditional system. It is easy to see how.

The traditional point system (which is represented, usually, by one hole in the floor) does not have a big enough opening to collect greater volumes of water, especially if the floor is a rather bigger one. On the other hand, the linear drains can occupy as much space as you want them too – in this way, the water won’t rush into the drain system all at once.

The channel drains have another advantage too over the traditional ones. These types of drains are easier to install. You can do it yourself, without appealing to the services of our professional plumbers. All you need to do, after choosing the right material for the floor, is make the floor with a small degree of inclination on the side where you intend to place your linear drains.

Furthermore, it is much easier to maintain the linear drains, as opposed to the traditional ones. In the case of the point drains, they can become clogged pretty easily, since the space where the impurities are gathered is a rather narrow one. On the other hand, the linear drains collect the impurities (such as the water) on a larger area, thus preventing the clogging.

Of course, you will need to clean them once in a while – but it will be much easier and much rarer than if you went with a traditional drain system.

Installing linear drains also comes with another advantage: they look more modern and they are inconspicuous, even when not compared to the traditional drain system. The channel drains are usually installed beside the wall, whereas the other type of drains in the middle of the floor. Furthermore, because it is basically a narrow profile, the linear drains fit in the environment and don’t just scream this is the drainage.

But this isn’t all. The linear drains have become even more complex in the recent years, since when they took over the market (most households use it). Thus, besides choosing from any number of materials (from stainless steel to certain antimicrobial compounds and so on), you can further personalize the drain system in any way that you want it to.

Choosing the grating for the drains is just the first step, and the easiest one. You can have LED lighting, just like you can opt for a modern design for the drain profile. You can even personalize your linear drain system with words (such as relax and enjoy your shower). Literally, the possibilities are limitless.

And you will be able to explore as many as you want, until you find what you need and want, when you will come to us. The channel drains are a trend right now not just because they look cool – they are also more effective than the traditional ones.