Choosing the best drainage system

Having performant floor drains in your home is essential, even if you dismiss the drainage system as being less essential than all the others. But you should take into account that the wet room is the one place in the home where the entire day is decided – in the mornings, during the showers, and in the evening, during your baths. You wouldn’t want to be stressed in any way when going to work and think about what overflowing, just like you wouldn’t want your baths to be ruined by the stagnant smell of infiltrated water.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives on the market, from which you can choose, from the traditional point drains to the more modern channel drainage systems. Any of them would do just fine, especially if you put a bit of thought into your purchase. And the first thing you should take into account is the number of members your family has.

We can say, nonetheless, that many of our clients choose the new and improved floor drains – elegant, more than able to handle larger flows of water, and easy to maintain, the linear drains are the best alternative for everybody. However, we also can provide you with traditional point drains, as well as with ready-made shower room floors, which have point drains already incorporated.

We can say that all of your purchases made with us can be personalized in any way that you want it, though the channel drains can support more of them than the traditional ones. In this way, you can choose the type of material from which the drains are made (from the basic stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial compounds), the type of gratings for the drains (from the already existing modern designs to personalized designs), and all sorts of other personalization choices (more and more of our customers choose LED lighting, for example, in order to add to the aesthetics of the wet room).

As said, whether renovating or moving to a new home, people tend to leave the drain system for the last, when it comes to changing it. And this proves to be a poor investment more often than not. Installing the floor drains you need should be one of the first things you do.

For example, in order to install traditional point drains you need to have a concentric inclination of the floor tiles towards the drain. If you leave the installing for the last, you may need to start all over with the wet room.

Or, as another example, the channel drains need to have just a minimum opening in order to handle the water flow, as well as a minimum inclination of the tiles towards the drain. If you miss any of these, just because you have already arranged everything else in the wet room, you may find yourself at square one with the renovation of the wet room.

Everything system in your household is an important one, from the electrical one to the drainage one. We can help you with the latter. So give us a call and our teams of professional salesmen and plumbers will guide you in the right direction.

Purchase your new floor drains now and you won’t have to worry about changing them every other year. More Reviews.