The heart of the swimming pool

The technology behind building swimming pool might just seem easy to understand – after all, a swimming pool is basically a hole in the ground. Or isn’t it?

It is – but a much more sophisticated one, with the water being kept fresh by the water circulation pump. And this is, by far, the most important system in a swimming pool. Sure enough, there is the heater, which makes the water as warm as you want it – but you can do without it, especially during the hot days. There is the dehumidifier, which regulates the humidity and heat in a room – but you don’t need it for outdoor swimming pools. Lastly, and more importantly, there is the sand filter pump, which keeps the water crystal clear – but, just like with the others, it isn’t functional without the water flowing through it.

So the heart of any swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor, is the water circulation pump. This pump is the one which puts the water in motion, taking it and sending it to the heater and through the filter. Without the circulation pump, the water from your pool will be as cold as the outside whether and it will become stagnant and with a nasty smell after just one day.

And, as any heart, it does depend on the other organs, so to speak. For example, if the sand filter pump is clogged or malfunctioning in any way, the circulation pump should not be open until the problem is remedied. In this way, if the filter pump doesn’t do its job, then the circulation pump might become clogged itself with impurities – and changing the latter is much harder than backwashing or changing the former.

But this is the only kind of maintenance a circulation pump requires – just making sure that it doesn’t become clogged. In this way, one always needs to verify the lint or impurities basket. If there are any, then there might be a problem with the sand filter pump.

Rest assured, the sand filter pump can be cleaned easily by backwashing – and, when that doesn’t work, changing the sand inside it or the pump itself is a pretty easy task. In this way, the water circulation pump doesn’t become clogged itself.

The circulation pump also ensures the heating of the water. In this way, the water is passed through the fire box or the heater and then returned to the pool.

But the circulation pump is also the one which feeds the pool with the needed and exact quantities of disinfectants, mineral purifiers, and ozonators. These smaller systems are all attached to the circulation one, feeding as much substances as you set them too.

All of these processes which are tied to the circulation system can be observed and regulated by remote control. Nowadays, most swimming pools come also with their own touchscreen displays, which ensures a better monitoring of the pools systems.

All of these systems are extremely important – from the heaters and the dehumidifiers to the ozonators and the mineral purifiers. However, none of them would work without a water circulation pump.

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Enjoy your free time – let us do all your chores

In our modern, fast days, the most expensive commodity is time itself – Ask Bromley cleaners knows that and they will come to your aid. You don’t need to come home from work and start dusting off – why would you do that, when you could enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant? You don’t have to spend your weekends gardening, just like you don’t have to worry yourself about the spring cleaning or the end of tenancy cleaning. Let us worry for you – spend your free time in the most pleasant way possible, because our maids and cleaning technicians have everything covered for you.

Professional, reliable, and discreet, our maids and cleaning technicians don’t need a supervisor once they are told what they need to do. They will arrive just as you are about to leave and they will finish in time for your arrival. Bromley cleaners will leave everything sparkling clean behind – you will meet complete satisfaction as our client.

Nonetheless, if by some mistake your expectations haven’t been met, do call us and give us a chance to remedy any unwanted situation. Within a given timeframe, depending on the task performed by our maids and cleaning technicians, we will send another team, free of any charge. We are certain that you will call us, but much later on, when you will need our services once again.

When you call us, you don’t have to ask for a full house cleaning service – just what interests you is of importance to us. Call for window cleaning, or for hard floor cleaning, or for upholstery cleaning, or for whatever other chores – our maids and cleaning technicians will come and lend you a hand.

Our gardeners are on stand-by, ready to help you with the gardening work. Lawn mowing, lawn feeding and lawn laying, compost removal and patio maintenance and so on, these are all chores they will perform in your stead.

But you shouldn’t call us only for cleaning services. Just like our maids can help you clean the house after a larger gathering, they can also help you before and even during, with the decoration of the house and the waiting of the guests. Bromley cleaners has everything covered for you.

Over the course of years, after becoming the most trustworthy cleaning company in the area, we have diversified our offer even more. Now you can call us for cleaning duties at your office or office building. Our schedule will not interfere with yours or with the one of your employees – our teams can arrive in the evenings, after the working hours, or in the weekends. Find more info.

For example, you can call us for window cleaning and for rubbish removal. But you can also call us if you want to give a more modern look to your office. Redecorating tasks such as wallpapering, painting, plumbing, and so on are also services offered by us. For a safe and modern working environment, do call us.

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A modern design for a modern wet room

If you want to live a modern life, then your shower area shouldn’t be just functional – consider installing wet room drains and modernize the entire room! Don’t just shower or just take a bath – enjoy a relaxing and soothing time, in an environment you have created according to your own desires.

And if you’ll do that, the first thing to do won’t be choosing the design of the tiles, or the shower cabin, or anything else – the first thing that should come to your mind is choosing a new and improved drain system. And while a traditional point drain system (the one that is found in most of the households) is enough for a shower cabin, it wouldn’t suffice for a wet room.

For a wet room you should consider the best there is on the market. And that is the linear shower drain system. This type of wet room drains are larger and narrow profiles, which are usually placed besides one of the wet room’s walls (it can be placed in one of the corners too). For that matter, the linear drains are much easier to install, because the tiles will necessitate only a slight inclination towards the drains and not a concentric inclination, as it would have been with a traditional point drain.

The linear drains are also called channel drains, because this is what they basically are – channels which collect the water on a larger area and carry it towards the collecting pipe. For this reason, these types of drains are perfect for a modern wet room, because they can collect larger volumes of water than other alternatives. For this same reason, the risk of clogging is also reduced – because, just like the water, the impurities are also collected on a larger area.

But these aren’t the only reasons why you should choose linear drains for your modern wet room. Because of where they are positioned, the linear drains are barely visible and they will do their job without anyone noticing them. In this way, they won’t ruin the special design you’ve given to your new and modern wet room.

However, if you want your wet room drains to actually improve the aesthetics of the room, you can do that. You can personalize them in any way that you want it. Besides choosing the material from which they are made (from the basic, and yet stylish, stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial alloys), you can also choose different designs for the gratings, having even the possibility of adding personalized inscriptions on the gratings. You can even choose to install LED lighting if you want – for more, you can give us a call and find out for yourself what we can offer you. Read more…

Our teams of professionals are waiting for your call, ready to give you all the details that you need. Call us and you will certainly pay us a visit afterwards.

Forget all about the traditional point drains or about the readymade shower room floors. Forget all about the shower room themselves. Make that room a modern wet room, completed with the latest wet room drains technology.

Give us a call, pay us a visit, and this will be the best investment you will make, when it comes to raising the quality of your lifestyle.